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LiteOn iHBS112-115 Blu-Ray Burner
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€ 93.79

The LiteOn iHBS112-115 is a multi-format Blu-ray burner with SATA interface. In addition to BD-R and BD-RE media, the iHBS112-115 is not only the most popular formats DVD + R / + RW, -R/-RW but also DVD and Blu-ray dual-layer media and DVD-RAM burning . The iHBS112-115 describes BD-R and BD-R DL media at up to 12x speed, rewritable BD-RE media can be described with up to 2x speed. Available in Cyprus

  7-pin SATA
  8,192 KB
Type of CD-feeding
Reading (CD) 48 times (7,200 KB / s)
Reading (DVD) 16x (22,160 KB / s)
Read (DVD-RAM) 12x (16,620 KB / s)
Read (Blu-ray) 8x (35,960 KB / s)
Access time (CD) 150 ms
Access time (DVD) 150 ms
Access time (DVD-RAM) 200 ms
Access Time (Blu-ray) 250 ms
Write (CD-R) 48 times (7,200 KB / s)
Write (CD-RW) 24x (3,600 KB / s)
Write (DVD-R) 16x (22,160 KB / s)
Write (DVD-RW) 6 times (8,310 KB / s)
Write (DVD + R) 16x (22,160 KB / s)
Write (DVD + RW) 8x (11,080 KB / s)
Write (DVD-R) Dual Layer 8x (11,080 KB / s)
Write (DVD + R) Double Layer 8x (11,080 KB / s)
Write (DVD-RAM) 12x (16,620 KB / s)
Write (BD-R) 12x (53,940 KB / s)
Write (BD-RE) 2 times (8,990 KB / s)
Write (BD-R) Dual Layer 8x (35,960 KB / s)
Write (BD-RE) Dual Layer 2 times (8,990 KB / s)
  Serial ATA/150
Formats (Read)
  CD-ROM XA, CD-Audio, Video CD, CD Text, Photo CD, CD Extra, Multisession, Mixed, Hybrid CD, DVD Video, BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-AV, BD-RE, DVD ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, DVD + R / RW
Formats (Write)
  Disc-at-Once, Session-at-once, track-at-once, Multisession
  Buffer underrun protection
  Ejection, emergency eject
  Cover in black