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TR8020 Black TR80 Mach 2 80mm x 40mm Aluminium Cockpit with Wheel Deck and GT Style Seat

TR8020 Black TR80 Mach 2 80mm x 40mm Aluminium Cockpit with Wheel Deck and GT Style Seat


Trak Racer’s TR80 has infinite adjustment and the most expandable and rigid components in the business. The strength of the TR80 will ensure no flex is experienced and no loss of force feedback, even with the strongest servos on the market. If you need a bit more strength checkout the Premium TR160 Sim Rig.


Trak Racer TR80 Mach 2 Dimensions


Introduction to Extruded Aluminium Profile Simulators

Since 2009 Trak Racer has been pioneering the Sim Racing industry with great value and well designed products. In recent years, Extruded aluminium has come into the sim racing space for benefits such as it’s strength, expandability and minimal setup costs for the manufacturer when compared to other simulators on the market like the Trak Racer RS6 and TR8.
Disadvantages of this type of simulator is additional setup time and more industrial aesthetics.

Extruded aluminium is a fixed cross-sectional length of aluminium, which has portions “removed” along the length, known as extrusions. This allows for the connection of multiple separate lengths of extruded aluminium which can be used to build simple to very complex structures using a nut that slides into the extrusion and securing with a screw. 80/20 is a registered brand of extruded aluminium (among many others) which is often interchanged with the generic term “extruded aluminium”. Because of the versatility and expandability, extruded aluminium is often used for creating racing simulators. The most common type of extrusion used for sim rigs is “t-slot extruded aluminium”. It features a t-shaped extrusion (most commonly on all sides).

What’s Included with the TR80

Carbon Steel = 3 x Stronger than Aluminium!

Wheel Deck with Full Slide and Angle Adjustment

The more Traditional and Fully Adjustable Wheel Deck Mount is fully adjustable (back/forth and up/down angle) and is made out of 80mm x 40mm Premium Black Aluminium Profile and thick Laser Cut Carbon Steel.

MSRP $119


Steel Side Seat Brackets

Simple mounting with a heap of positions and suitable for most side mount fibreglass seats.

MSRP $39


Seat Slider Rails

With dual-locking mechanism and adjustment bar.

MSRP $49


Adjustable Two-way Pedal Mount
Mount at Low or High

The TR80 Pedal Mount is fully adjustable to sit in a lot position or high and is pre-drilled for all major brand pedals. The clever design mounts allows the pedals to slide back and forth / up and down.


Adjustable Shifter Mount

Pre-drilled for all the major brands, the included shifter mount mounts on left or right.

MSRP $79

Unbeatable 5 Year Warranty

The TR80 has been put through the most harsh treatment and guaranteed to last for years.

Flex-Free and Premium Aluminium Chassis

The TR80’s main chassis is 80mm x 40mm profile with 6 T-Slots.


Fibreglass GT Style Race Seat

Trak Racer have developed a racing simulator seat with extra padding to the same fit and specifications as a real GT style race seat.

MSRP $249

Level your Rig and Protect your Floors

The included rubber levelling and hard wood floor protecting rubber feet are adjustable to provide a stable floor surface

Perfectly Proportioned Chassis

The TR80 Chassis has been designed to suit all driver heights and most seats and peripherals on the market. Ready to be customised and expanded by you.


80mm x 40mm


Our Premium Fasteners along with our high-quality aluminium are able to withstand vibrations and also high levels of longitudinal and transverse forces. After completing exhaustive hours of testing with Direct Drive wheels including MIGE/OSW up to 30Nm and SimExperience AccuForce we can confidentially guarantee that the TR80 is able to withstand greater forces than 30Nm.



Wheel Deck with Full Slide and Angle Adjustment

The more Traditional and Fully Adjustable Wheel Deck Mount is fully adjustable (back/forth and up/down angle) and is made out of thick Laser Cut Carbon Steel. This bracket is compatible with the following wheels:

  • Fanatec including CSW V1, V2, V2.5 (without mounting adapter), CSL Elite, Forza Motorsport CSR, Porsche 911 GT2/V2
  • Thrustmaster including T180/T100/T150/TMX, T300/TX, T500, TS-PC/TS-XW/T-GT
  • Logitech including G25/27/29/920
  • Direct Drive including Simucube (requires brackets), SimExperience AccuForce V2, Fanatec DD1 DD2
  • Various MIGE Mounts and more
  • SimuCube 2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate (requires brackets)
  • Contact us if your wheel is not listed here

Adjustable Two-way Pedal Mount

The TR80 Pedal Mount can be mounted to just above or up high above the 80mm high aluminium chassis and pre-drilled for all major brand pedals. The clever design mounts outside the chassis for low-level height or and slides up a vertical profile to expand positions.

The pedal baseplate is made out of thick carbon steel and has pre-drilled holes for all major brand pedals (see list below) and slots for left/right adjustment with Heusinkveld pedals and others. The pedal plate can be angle adjusted with the locking lever and moved forwards and backwards. This bracket is compatible with the following pedals (and more):

  • Fanatec including CSL Elite Pedals, ClubSport V1/V2/V3
  • Thrustmaster including 2-pedals (all), T3PA, GT Ed, T3PGT, T3PA PRO add-on and T500
  • Heusinkveld including Ultimate, Sprint and Pro
  • Quaife Throttle Pedal and Brake
  • HPP PRX 3P
  • Logitech G Series

Contact us if your pedals are not listed here

Fully Adjustable Wheel Mount
Fully Adjustable Wheel Mount

Fully Adjustable and Pre-Drilled Two-way Shifter Mount

This rigid gear shift mount sits firmly on the TR80’s 80mm x 40mm premium aluminium profile using 2 slots to allow you to slide up and down to your perfect position and angle adjust. The included bracket has it’s own sliding function for a more precise position as well as 3 angle adjustment. Shifter and handbrake bracket details

This bracket is compatible with the following shifters (and more) :

  • Fanatec including ClubSport Shifter, SQ
  • Thrustmaster including TH8A, RSTSS, TSS+
  • Quaife PSL Sequential
  • Heusinkveld SQ Shifter and Handbrake
  • Logitech Including G25, 27, 29, 920 Shifter
  • Others including DSD SQ Shifter, DSD Hydralulic Handbrake, RealGear RALLYpro Handbrake

Contact us if your pedals are not listed here


Adjustable 9-Stage Seat Brackets

The TR80 Cockpit Frame is designed for motorsport professionals and serious sim racers so quality when selecting materials and designing components was considered a top priority. We include seat brackets and a dual-lock slide system to adjust your seating position within a matter of seconds and the dual locking mechanism will ensure that the seat doesn’t move under heavy braking.

The adjustable mounting points will enable you to mount a large variety of different GT-style seats with side mounting holes.

Fully Adjustable Wheel Mount
Left / Right Side Shifter

Premium Sliding Seat Runner Kit

Trak Racer Chassis mounted seat sliders bolt directly onto the 80mm x 40mm seat premium aluminium seat supports. Each kit includes a pair of runners for one seat, the lift up activation lever and kit of fasteners. Multi-brand applications for various seat brands, including Trak Racer, Cobra, OMP, Sparco and Corbeau seats to name a few. The measurement between each rail is approximately 32cm.

  • High-end steel construction
  • Supplied as a kit for one seat with fittings
  • Suitable for most base mounted type seats and seat brackets
  • Enables seats to be easily adjusted laterally

Expand with Trak Racer

The T-Slot system present endless possibilities. If you cant find the mount from Trak Racer you need, find it elsewhere as the system used is universal.

Strong Components

A sim rig is only as good as it’s components and the TR80 will not disappoint. All parts are more the double the strength as required by normal standards.

Fast Adjustments

The flat plates used to construct the TR80 and it’s accessories use flat plates to enable easy assembly, alterations and adjustments.

Unbeatable 5 Year Warranty

The TR80 has been put through the most harsh treatment and guaranteed to last for years.

Trak Racer TR80 Mach 2 Overview

The TR80 has been designed with experience gained since Trak Racer started in 2008. The base structure is a 80 × 40mm high-end aluminium T-Slot extruded profile, anodized in black. Your choice of wheel mount will be supported by 80 × 40mm high-end aluminium T-Slot extruded profile, also anodized in black. Special anodized black 90-degree brackets connect the frame and laser cut carbon steel plates allow you to attach your peripherals. The TR80 is Direct Drive & Belt Drive Wheel Ready, Pre-drilled for all popular steering wheels, pedals and shifters on the market, comes with your option of 3 Stiffened Wheel Mounts for No-Flex Racing, has several add-on options including an Optional Integrated Monitor Stand (for 1-4 Monitors) and Button Box Mount. Designed and Engineered in Australia.

What's Included

  • Fiberglass GT Race Seat
  • BONUS Seat Mounting Brackets
  • BONUS Seat Sliding Rails and Adjustment Bar
  • BONUS Rubber Feet to protect floors and level your rig
  • BONUS Adjustable Gear Shift Mount
  • 80mm x 40mm Black Anodized Aluminium Chassis
  • 80mm x 40mm Black Anodized Aluminium Wheel Supports
  • 80mm x 40mm Black Anodized Aluminium Shifter Support
  • Wheel Deck with Full Slide and Angle Adjustment
  • Fully Adjustable Pedal Mount (pre-drilled for pedals)
  • All Mounting Screws, Brackets and Fixtures included
  • Assembly Tool Kit Included

Frame/Chassis Features

  • Constructed from high quality extruded aluminium in different profiles sizes including 6-Slot 80 x 40mm
  • 580mm wide and 1,200mm long for firm stance when racing
  • Low ground clearance with hard wood rubber floor protectors
  • Finished in black anodized high quality aluminium

Flex-Free Adjustable Wheel Deck

  • Full adjustment including angle and sliding function
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand wheels

Adjustable Pedal Mount Features

  • Unique Bracket Design allows you to position the pedal low or in a high position
  • Hassle Free Angle Adjustment with the Tool-free screw
  • Fully adjustable bracket for both angle, height and slide
  • Thick, no-flex Carbon Steel Construction
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals

Reinforced Left or Right-Side Mounting Gear Shift Mount Features

  • The Distance Slider mount allows you to fine-tune the mount to the most ergonomic position for you
  • Angle Adjustment enables you to face the shifter mount inwards, flat or outwards for more customised adjustability
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand shifters including Heusinkveld, DSD, Thrustmaster, Fanatec and more

Fibreglass Race Seat

Select from the range of high quality Trak Racer seats

  • Premium race-ready high-grade seat with hard back
  • Adjustable driving position seat
  • Ergonomically designed for extended periods of use
  • High density foam construction
  • Weight Restrictions: Up to 160kg (352 lbs)
  • Suggested Waist Size: Under 38”

Contact Trak Racer for other available seat sizes


  • Includes all aluminium profiles and mounting gear
  • Main Chassis is a 6-Slot 80 x 40mm profile
  • Steering wheel uprights are 6-Slot 80 x 40mm profiles
  • Steering wheel height adjustment up to 740mm
  • Gross weight including all brackets and fixtures: 42KG Excluding Seat

Compatible with




Trak Racer TR80 Mach 2 Features


Your Competitive Edge Against the World's Elite

Depending on your game you'll have an advantage against the worlds most elite drivers. Invest in the champions rig as trusted by thousands and gain a winning edge against the competition.

Sebastin Vettel

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